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Blackitus is a Black-owned company. 

We have created the Blackitus directory with the UK Black community in mind, to support each other in maintaining sustainable businesses and increase families’ existing income.
This business came to fruition after the experiences we had from our first business venture as the face of the company. We realised that, like in employment, we were being picked last and had the same struggle to work twice as much to prove our value and skills.

We believe that the Black community provides fantastic services and products but are not picked as a first choice due to a lack of belief in our skills and capabilities.
The Black community is now more than ever more conscious about their value in the community, giving way to new and exciting entrepreneurs.
Most people from the Black community would buy from a Black-owned business given a choice.
Social media is a fantastic outlet for businesses to divulge and reach out to new potential customers. But due to its complexity, it is time-consuming for customers to find what there are looking for; this will then sways the consumer to go for cheaper and easier products or services.
We have also realised that some sectors, primarily self-employed and traders, don’t have a place to reach out to customers.
With this directory, shoppers can find and support their local Black-owned businesses, traders and professionals, as this directory comes with an integrated map system for customer convenience.

Honesty- Be honest about yourself, your product, and your skills
Unity – Be kind and acceptable to others and our community as it is large and diverse.
Passion- Whatever you do, give it your all and be passionate about your brand and your customers.
Courtesy- Treat everyone with courtesy and the respect we deserve
Perseverance- Continue to work towards improvement even when it looks unachievable.
Empower our Community- Support and interact with our community in business when possible as together we grow.

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