Blackitus the first step

We have finally done it.

We are so excited about this new adventure and the possibilities that come with it.
We have always admired brave people who took the first step toward financial independence and dreamed; that it would be us one day.
We now know why it took us this long; one must honestly believe the Vision.
As we became more self-aware of our abilities and skills, it became apparent that being a black person was the reason opportunities in work and business were not consistent and fair.
With time this realisation changed from frustration to worry not for us but our children.
Every parent wants the best future for the children, where they are treated with respect and feel valued in society.
We decided to try and make a difference not only for us but for our community as well.
One of the approaches we want to take is to improve the black community’s wealth for now and future generations.
With wealth within our community, we can get our children to study in the best colleagues and universities, get on the property ladder and have representation in areas and industries where we aren’t seen or heard.
Once we decided on the direction of the business, it all seemed to move fast and with an urgency we hadn’t felt before.
We always felt there was more to be achieved; we believed that doing so could change the direction of our lives and our children’s lives.
The first step was to choose a topic we both felt very passionate about, followed by the way to combine passion and business.
From the start, we have met extraordinary black people in business; we have learned and taken inspiration and motivation along the way.
The support and messages of encouragement gave us the extra push and determination to complete the project.

The Blackitus team



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