At Arize and Dazzle, we understand that organic should not be just a slogan but rather a way of life. That is why we make it our duty to source the best organic and natural ingredients possible to formulate your favourite lotion. Our creative and very thoughtful Team is so committed to you that they joyfully travel across the world to obtain the most beautiful organic raw materials, the finest essential oils and absolutes to make your most loved products safe, beautiful and stand out. We also pride ourselves on our genuine commitment to the communities, nations and areas from which we buy our ingredients.


Our skincare and haircare range are inspired by people just like you and just like me who happen to love organically and Naturally sourced products yet are not willing to kiss goodbye the high quality performance in the product.


Discover our range of unbittable organic and natural products and see how hard we have worked to bring you the very best that organic skincare has to offer without compromising its quality.