Importance of Personal Image



How to communicate your image through your clothes


We know that our personal image impacts everywhere we go. It is through our dress code that people initially will form an opinion about us. For this reason, your image is essential for your career.

The first impression is the most impactful, and reversing it can be much work.

Know how to communicate your personal image through your clothes

Choose clothes that match your personality

First, identify the style that makes you feel most comfortable. Are you more serious or more outgoing? Of course, the dress code will vary according to your work or social environment. Still, it is no use choosing an outfit that looks serious, doesn’t represent you and that you are not comfortable with, as this can affect your posture and generate negative results.

By aligning your appearance with your way of being, which is consistent with your workplace and environment, you can clearly convey your beliefs and values, consequently generating consistency and credibility.


Know your customers

This step is essential, as it is through your image that you will better connect with your consumers/audience. Identify what kind of people they are, what they like to do, and their goals.

Some groups will respond better to more formal outfits. Others will not mind a more relaxed and colourful look. Focusing on a group with common interests is excellent, making your choice easier.

Understanding better those to whom you will be performing, it becomes easier to define the message that will need to be conveyed, and the options that are suitable for the occasion will become more apparent.


Choose the most appropriate colour chart.

The colour black is seen as a wild card, but there are more nuances involved around the use of the “little black”. This reputation for black comes from the fact that this colour is associated with power, which is why we see it so much, especially in the corporate world.


However, it is necessary to be careful when using it, as it gives an impression of formality. Being too formal is not always the best choice, as it can create distance between you and your client/guests.

Dark clothes tend to slim down, but this will also depend on the cut of the particular item. In fact, some people look unwell when wearing a black outfit. Hence the importance of knowing how to combine colours with your skin tone.


Have a key item for your desired image

Do you know that shirt that always suits you? Or the dress that makes you feel confident? Well then, they can be your brand, and you will only need to vary the accessories, making everything much more practical.

It is entirely possible to repeat clothes without giving the impression of carelessness. Just know how to make the combinations that will be most appropriate for your meeting/event or your daily life.

The way we dress says a lot about us. It’s our business card, the way we present ourselves to the world and express our personality


Ivone Varela Blassy Founder


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